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So you’ve gotten a newer model. It was bound to happen, as new technology becomes more and more demanding. But after years of faithful service, you’re probably not excited about saying a final farewell to your old computer, and you don’t have to. With these resources, it’s easy to give your old computer new life as a media center. Solutions These handy pieces of software offer an easy way to turn your PC into a media center.

  1. : MythTV offers easy PVR, a media library, and TV viewing.
  2. : GB-PVR is feature-packed, providing users with scheduled recordings, media viewing and remote usage.
  3. : This media center records TV, offers online video, and all of your personal media in one handy tool.
  4. : Check out BeyondTV for PC DVR software.
  5. GeeXbox: With GeeXbox’s free software, you can temporarily turn your Windows, Mac or Linux machine into a media center powerhouse. This program has extremely low requirements, so there’s a good chance it will work on your old clunker.
  6. : This Linux solution allows users to access all of their media in one easy place, on demand.
  7. Windows Media Center: This Windows operating system is a simple, all-in-one solution for turning an old computer into a media center.

Software This software can help make your media center experience easier and more fun.

  1. : ClarkConnect can be used as a firewall, router, and media server.
  2. : For clear MPEG-2 video and high fidelity color, check out NVIDIA.
  3. : Skip commercials with this highly useful program.
  4. : Ampache is a useful audio file manager that’s implemented with MySQL and PHP.
  5. : Back up your media with this storage service.
  6. : Access your media at home or away via your phone, TV, or game console.
  7. GenieCommands: Control all of your media in simple menus via GenieCommands.
  8. : Find all of the audio and video codecs you need with FreeCodecs.
  9. : Most cable boxes come with FireWire ports, and FireWireSDK helps Mac users take advantage of them.
  10. AV/C Browser Enhanced: Patrick Edson’s AV/C integrates recording and channel tuning into one piece of software.
  11. iRecord: Another Patrick Edson creation, iRecord has a simple purpose: scheduled show recording.
  12. : VLC can, among other things, read MPEG-2 streams.
  13. : This Debian-based distribution of Linux is a low-requirement OS that’s a great foundation for media centers running on outdated machines.
  14. : Get this remote PC access software.
  15. OSXvnc: This VNC is Apple-friendly.
  16. : Organize and play your digital files with this popular program.
  17. : Stream music remotely online for free with SlimServer.
  18. : With PowerCinema, you get DVD, video and audio playback as well as TV viewing and recording.
  19. Switchres X: To get your graphics to output at a native resolution, use this software.
  20. Jinzora: Use Jinzora to stream media files from HTTP.
  21. : Easily adjust your Mac OS X display resolution and refresh rate for your TV.
  22. : Use these NAS tools to serve up your media.
  23. MCE Customizer: Use this tool to tweak Microsoft Media Center.
  24. Windows Media Player: With Windows Media Player, you can play audio and video as well as copy audio to hard disks.
  25. MSN Remote Record: Set up remote recordings from any Web-enabled PC.
  26. MyTV ToGo: Take your recorded shows on the road with a portable device using this program.
  27. Sailing Clicker: Control your media center with your cell phone using this piece of software.
  28. TVTonic: Automate your video viewing with TVTonic, a program that subscribes users to video podcasts and channels.
  29. MCE Portal Basic: Get news, weather, feeds, and other information aggregated to your Media Center PC with this program.
  30. : Use this software to control your media center through your TV.
  31. : Use this dynamic DNS service to connect to your home server via a fixed domain.

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