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Industrial Technology Multimedia

In Design and Technology the Major Design Project consists of an individual product, system or environment, and a folio. In Industrial Technology, the Major Project consists of a product of one or more related items and an accompanying management folio.

2. What is the ‘folio’?

The folio is part of the project and is a document that shows the research, conceptualisation, development and evaluation of a project. The folio should show how the examination criteria for a project have been met.

In determining which material is included in a folio, it is essential that all the examination criteria are addressed. However, it should be remembered that for both Design and Technology and Industrial Technology the marking is ‘holistic’ – that is, marks are not allocated criterion by criterion.

4. How have the requirements for projects changed from previous years?

The main change in the project requirements for both Design and Technology and Industrial Technology is to the folio parameters and format.

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