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creativenews-071916-1.pngA creative developer can build a responsive banner using typical responsive design techniques and code—all while the responsive rich media banner resizing itself can be customized easily at the platform level. It is straightforward to use this format, even if you have built your responsive ad from scratch using our AdKit HTML5 API as a rich media banner.

For example, you can set your responsive banner to resize adaptively, responsively, or even appear at a fixed size. You can also set the banner dimensions to animate as it resizes between breakpoints for an eye-catching effect, and resize by height and width to the advertiser div, browser, by aspect ratio or even other key elements on the page.

Sizmek offers four different templates:

  • Basic Blank Canvas
  • Video template
  • Image version
  • Chameleon, which transitions between colors at different breakpoints

The HTML5 Responsive Rich Media Banner format also uses AdKit API as well, so why not couple up responsive design with Dynamic Creative and other assets to bring dynamic power to your ad?

From Desktop to Tablet to Mobile to In-app—the Updated IAB Mobile Full-Page Flex

First off, do not let the “IAB Mobile” in the IAB Mobile Full Page Flex format name fool you. This is one format that works from desktop to tablet to mobile to in-app executions. It is an ad format that expands to the full size of the screen on mobile devices and tablets, as well as the full browser on the desktop.

The format allows you to create four separate creative sizes so the ad can adapt to a wide variety of screens. Each size has a safe area and a background area. The safe area won’t get cut off regardless of screen orientation. There are three different Full Page Flex templates: Expandable, Interstitial, and Host Interstitial.

creativenews-071916-2.pngDevice Orientation Made Easy With Updated HTML5 Accelerometer Ad Feature

The Sizmek HTML5 Accelerometer Ad Feature takes advantage of the device orientation hardware, or accelerometer, found in smart devices, allowing developers to manipulate HTML elements within their creative using the data provided by this hardware. This includes alpha (compass direction or movement around the y axis), beta (movement around the x axis) and gamma (movement around the z axis). For more information, see How to Build an HTML5 Accelerometer.

Same Great Location Services, No Extra Cost With the Geo Data Template

The Geo Data Ad Feature replaces the deprecated GeoLocation Ad Feature that required the use of the premium MMGetLocation service. The Geo Data Ad Feature returns the same location services at no additional cost. For more information, see Showcase.

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