Does multimedia Messaging use data

Does multimedia Messaging use data

Text messaging can be expensive. Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images The iPhone is a powerful communication tool that many owners use for its text messaging capability. Business owners who send many messages a day can rack up large bills from their wireless carriers quickly unless they have unlimited texting plans. Knowing the ways that the iPhone can send text messages…

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What are multimedia messages?

What are multimedia messages?

From 13th of June the charge for sending multimedia messages will change from 17.4p to 40p per MMS. Question: what’s a multimedia message? It’s a picture or video message, also known as an MMS. With multimedia messaging, you can send and receive photos, videos, or audio files from your phone. There is a size limit of 300KB, so it s not possible to send files bigger than that…

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Can t get multimedia messages?

Can t get multimedia messages?

Last updated by Isabel M If you re having trouble sending or receiving picture and video (MMS) messages, here are a few quick and easy troubleshooting tips that might get you up and running. 1. Confirm that your phone number is active. If you re able to make calls and send/receive texts, then it s probably a good indicator that your phone number is active. To confirm this…

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