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Multimedia Messaging Service protocol

Where does a MMS Protocol fit in to a actual User's Experience?

A live example using the local weather can help understand where Multimedia Messaging Protocols fit into the supply chain for information users.

Originating information:

This comes from the weather information provider, but it is not usually one person designing a nice chart, or inputting numbers that guess the weather. Weather information is taken from scientific computer data stored on servers at the geosatellite weather station. So visually, imagine the size of the data a geosatellite is putting into weather station servers, compared with the size of a mobile phone and the associated hardware. Some filtering is needed, and this is where MMS interfaces and MMS Protocols are vital.

Changing protocols

After encoding, the MMS interface understands the weather information. However, the weather station computer needs a way of pushing that information out as soon as it is received. So, Push Access Protocol (or PAP) is a specific Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) written to ensure messages like weather, news, stock quotes, traffic reports and social media notifications are received on narrow band devices quickly. If the MMS interface is compared to the bricks on the pathway, the addition of the PAP and WAP creates a disturbance that breaks that message off the path, and sends it airborne through wireless.

Using Gateways

The message originates in HTTP format from the weather station. It is then encoded by the MMS interface which sends the message to the Push initiator, or push gateway from the Multimedia Messaging Service Centre . The Push Access Protocol is independent of the underlying transport protocol MMS interface, so from this point onwards the message is airborne through wireless, instead of travelling on land from server to server. The Multimedia Message has changed its travel path by entering a Push Gateway and is now in transit, flying via wireless.

Once the message lands from the fast wireless flight it has taken, the mobile user compatibility interface receives the MMS notification message. The PAP has carried the URL destination of the HTTP weather message and now the mobile phone user presses to activate a retrieve function. The whole process reverses as the MMS notification message contacts the MMSC to retrieve the weather information.

In this example of how users receive weather information so quickly, you can see that MMS interfaces transmitting messages through PAP or WAP Push protocols travel faster than ever, in both directions. Choosing the right itinerary for your Multimedia Messages is very important when considering providing mobile messaging to customers. The right Messaging Protocols will make all the difference.

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