Then notifications

What is a multimedia message notification?

The messages settings menu lets you control options for your text and multimedia messages including message limits, size settings, and notifications.

  1. Tap > Messenger .
  2. On the Messages screen, tap > Settings.
  3. Adjust the following settings according to your needs:
  • Default SMS app: Set your default messaging app as desired.
  • Outgoing message sounds: Enable this option if you wish to receive a sound notification when a new text or multimedia message is sent.
  • Notifications: Enable this option if you wish to receive a sound notification when a new text or multimedia message arrives.
  • Sound: Select a ringer to sound when a new message is received. Tap this option, and then select a ringtone that is specific to new text and multimedia messages. A sample will briefly be played upon selection, then tap OK to save your new setting.
  • Vibrate: Enable this option if you want the phone to vibrate when a new text or multimedia message is received.
  • Your current country: Select your current country.
  • Advanced
  • MMS

    - Group Messaging: Set to send a single message to multiple recipients.

    - Your phone number: Enter your phone number.

    - Auto-retrieve: Automatically retrieve MMS.

    - Roaming auto-retrieve: Automatically retrieve MMS when roaming.

  • Advanced

    - Simple characters only: Convert special characters to simple one in SMS that you send.

    - Manage SIM card messages: Allows you to manage the messages saved on the SIM card.

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