Navi Multimedia Dvd Player

Multimedia DVD Player

The Multimedia Center is located in the northeast corner of the main floor of Milner Library. Here, patrons can view Blu-ray discs and VHS tapes and DVDs in all regions, and watch videos in a group or alone. There is also one iMac dedicated to digital media projects in the Multimedia Center. You can view a list of software on that computer here.

Multimedia Center

Viewing Equipment

The center has 14 viewing carrels that are available for use when the library is open. Viewing equipment in the Multimedia Center includes:

  • 18 HDTVs with built-in DVD players
  • 2 theater-style HDTVs with comfortable group seating
  • 6 VHS/DVD combination players
  • 1 multi-region DVD player
  • 1 multi-region VHS player
  • 1 Blu-ray disc player

DVD Collection

The Multimedia Center also houses the library's collection of nearly 5, 000 DVDs. In addition, the library circulates nearly 5, 000 VHS tapes, over 11, 000 CDs, and 20, 000 LPs. The library's film collection offers a broad range of educational films, documentaries, feature films, and performances in music, dance, and theater.

DVDs are organized by the Library of Congress classification system, so each DVD has a call number just like our books. All DVD call numbers begin with "Video DVD." You can browse the DVD collection by visiting the Multimedia Center, or you can search the online catalog for a specific title, write down the call number, and then go find that DVD in the collection.

The library's VHS collection is in storage, so all VHS titles must be requested through the online catalog. Search the online catalog for the VHS title you need, click the tab that says "Request Item, " then log in to your VuFind account and click "Request." You can tell in the online catalog if an item is a VHS because its call number starts with "Video VC" or "Video VHS."

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