How to make multimedia presentation?

The final session brings together all the concepts learnt in Scratch so far to create a sophisticated multimedia presentation which can be viewed by parents over the internet as part of a class showcase. It is particularly effective when used to illustrate a topic that the class have been studying or when the children's own photos and sounds are incorporated.

Children who are developing multimedia applications might want to view the video tutorial before the final session to help them as they are building their project. A more advanced video tutorial is available for these pupils concentrating on ‘digital literacy’ skills so they can learn to incorporate images and sounds that they have created with other software into their Scratch applications.

The video shows students how to make a quiz type application, using images and sounds, allowing the user to select from various sprites on the screen to answer a question. The application has both sound and text and keeps a score of the correct answers, changing the background and showing different sprites on the screen for each question. The project incorporates advanced programming using variables and broadcast messages to control changes to the background as the user answers each question.

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