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The 0.5:1 throw ratio lens on the W316ST Short-Throw DLP Multimedia Projector from Optoma makes it ideal for classrooms, small conference rooms, rear projection, and other tight spaces where the projector needs to be placed relatively close to the screen. It features the WXGA (1280 x 800) format, which - at a 16:10 aspect ratio - easily adapts to the 16:9 format of HDTV, and can also "pillarbox" to show 4:3 material undistorted. With a brightness of 3600 lumens, combined with the short throw distance required, the W316ST provides sufficient output to overcome a reasonable amount of ambient light for use in rooms where the lighting cannot be fully controlled.

Just about every input possibility is covered on the W316ST. This includes an HDMI input with 3D support, two VGA inputs and one output, plus composite and S-video inputs for legacy SD equipment. There are two separate audio inputs to accompany the analog video inputs, and there is a VAO audio output that loops through the audio accompanying whichever input is selected. In case a separate sound system is unavailable, there is also a built-in 10W speaker.

An IR remote is included, featuring a laser pointer and mouse control for giving presentations. It also has RS-232 for integration with control systems such as Crestron, plus an Ethernet port for control over a local network, helping reduce IT administrative costs.

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