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Times are changing. No longer do we want to be confined to any one place. We want to take our electronics with us—our phones, computers, schedulers, etc. If trends in the electronic toy industry are any indication, same goes for children. Game consoles confine kids to their television rooms. But with handhelds like the GameBoy line, kids can bring their video games to any (well-lit) room in the house and on the road. Computer learning games, like console video games, keep kids at their desks, and while many of their parents use laptops, very few children have their own portable computers. Companies like LeapFrog, however, have made it easy for kids to play electronic learning games on the go. Products like the LeapPad and Quantum Pad Learning Systems, and now Leapster and iQuest, are not only portable and trendy, they're brimming with educational opportunities.

(the second version of the Leap Pad that incorporates writing letters, numbers, shapes, and words into the learning system).

LeapPad Plus Writing and Microphone (the most current version of the Leap Pad that incorporates writing letters, numbers, shapes, and words into the learning system, as well as a microphone).

Note that there are a number of LeapPad versions available. In 2003, LeapPad Plus Writing was released, and the latest version released this year is LeapPad Plus Writing and Microphone. These two latest versions are backwards compatible. In other words, they will accept any LeapPad book, whether or not the books are microphone-enabled. Common sense suggests purchasing the latest version with the writing and microphone features.

These are some of our favorite additional books for the systems (remember any of these books work in both the Quantum Pad and the LeapPad Learning Systems):

: This is one of the better books in the LeapPad Library-teaches phonics, pre-reading skills through a story starring the Leap characters.
Leap 2 Music Book: Hit it, Maestro! for a wonderful introduction to classical music, music terms, and more. Best for ages 6-7 up.
: Another pre-reading book for preschoolers who love Disney Princesses.
: Besides reading, the subject of Geography seems to be especially ideal for the LeapPad and Quantum Pad platforms.
Quantum Pad Book: 3rd Grade Science teaches children about matter, sound, the solar system, and more science topics at a third grade level. Games, facts, and fun. .

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