Diamond Multimedia Wireless Range Extender

pic1Your time is valuable and it should be treated as such. There are many ways to save time when doing business, playing games or surfing the web on our PCs, laptops or tablets and smartphones. If you value every minute of your day, then saving time with Diamond Multimedia products is one way to ensure that you get projects done faster, upload and connect to online content quicker and waste no energy getting there.

For every menial task that takes up a minute or two every day, how much of that time translates into lost time away from doing other things in your life? Your time is worth more. Below are a few Diamond Multimedia devices that I find, are truly an asset to saving time and getting more tasks done by organizing your digital work space in a neat, efficient and timely manner.

The Diamond USB303HE is a Super-Speed Hub with a Gigabit Ethernet port for faster internet and USB plug-and-play functionality. It’s simple, compact and goes with you and your laptop wherever you go.pic2 The 3 ports on the USB303HE can be used to plug in desktop peripherals that are stationary, so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of devices with you.

The Diamond Ultra-Dock DS3900 is a Dual-Video docking station similar to the USB303HE but comes with much more connectivity. This device is a bit more sizable but still fits anywhere on your desk, vertically, saving you space and time. The thing I like about this product though, is that you can leave all of your desktop peripherals connected to it, and just plug and unplug your laptop, tablet or Ultrabook as you come and go.pic3 With an HDMI port, you can even have a large screen TV nearby and watch your favorite videos and movies.

The Diamond Stream2TV WPCTV3000 is a wireless HD display adapter for your mobile device or PC. It wirelessly streams all of your content from your smartphone or tablet onto a big-screen TV. It also mirrors your laptop or PC screen. The WPCTV3000 also streams content to projectors and is very useful for educators and executives who want a fast, reliable way to convey their messages. With all the wires and cables of conventional methods of PC to TV streaming, the amount of time untangling and reorganizing your wires can lead to a lot of lost time.

The Diamond BVU3500 is a multi-display adapter that can be used to connect your HDTV, projector, laptop, tablet, Macbook or Ultrabook. You can have multiple monitors set up on your desk and just use your laptop or tablet as your main PC.pic5 Have up to six monitors* set up and view more content than ever before. Again you can have everything hooked up and all you have to do is plug and unplug your laptop and you’re off.

*Each display requires its own BVU3500.

The Diamond WR600NSI is a dual-band 2.4 GHz/5.0 GHz wireless range extender which can be plugged in anywhere in your home or office to provide a stronger and clearer WiFi signal. A wireless bridge support can convert your wireless signal to a wired Ethernet connection, connecting it to internet-ready devices such as HDTVs, game consoles, Blu-Ray and media players. The WR600NSI can also create a hotspot so you can quickly be online in places such as hotels.

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