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Are you someone that is fascinated by both computers and the law? If so, you may be interested in a career in computer forensics. Computer forensics is the branch of computer science concerned with the investigation, collection and analysis of digital information to be used as evidence in criminal and civil legal proceedings. Experts in computer forensics are also involved in the development of techniques and equipment for rooting out criminal activity in computer systems and other digital storage media.

The exciting field of computer forensics is a rapidly growing one among students and postsecondary institutions alike. New courses are being developed all the time. Here are a number of the open online courses currently available to prospective computer forensic professionals.

Computer Networking

Computer networking is the area of computer science that is concerned with how digital devices communicate between one another. It incorporates aspects of a number of related fields such as computer engineering, information technology, computer science, data storage and maintenance, programming and telecommunications. Sub-topics that fall under the computer networking heading include local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), network design, network protocols, home networking, wired and wireless networking, and many others. Computer networking also involves internet-related services like peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing systems and public web sites.

MOOC courses in computer networking are numerous and provide a substantial glimpse into the field of digital communications. Taking one or more of the courses listed here may help you decide if a future in computer networking is right for you.

Computer Programming

Computer programming, simply put, is the process of writing code and creating software programs that tell computers what to do. More specifically, computer programmers take the designs and work of engineers and software developers and, through the use of any number of computer languages, author the instructions that a computer can follow. Computer programmers also update and expand on existing programs and debug programs by testing and fixing coding errors. They additionally reference code libraries and develop software to automate or simplify their writing tasks.

Computer programming MOOCs are available for several computer languages and provide an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of programming. Other courses are designed for experienced code writers to expand and deepen their programming knowledge.

Cyber Security

You can’t turn on the news today without hearing something about worries over potential or actual security breaches in the government or public computer systems, or the theft of private financial data. Preventing these thefts and breaches is what cyber security is all about. The growing number of cyber attacks has led to a rapidly expanding need for more sophisticated techniques to resist them and for more professionals in the cyber security field.

Anyone interested in a career in the computer sciences would do well to consider the sub-field of cyber security. MOOC courses in cyber security are offered in several related topics including cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and cyber warfare, a number of which are listed below.

Database Administration

Database administration (also known as DBA) is the area of computer science that focuses on the management of database systems. More specifically, DBA involves the installation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of data management systems for virtually any type of business or organization. DBA professionals create and develop databases, ensure efficient database access and operation, backup and restore data to prevent the loss of information and secure database systems to keep them from being hacked or stolen. There are two common DBA specialties: system DBA, which concerns the physical and technical aspects of a database; and application DBA, which deals with databases designed for particular applications.

The MOOCs listed below represent a sampling of the free courses available online for students interested in database administration.

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