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Unlike many of the major suppliers to the Las Vegas strip, Everi will be a relatively unknown name, this isn’t because they are new kids in town, but more because the company is a recent amalgamation of two tong term industry suppliers. In 2014 casino technology providers Global Cash Access, Inc. (GCA) purchases up and coming slot game manufacturer Multimedia Games, Inc. (MGAM), a few months later, early in 2015, the new company was relaunched as Everi.

Global Cash Access have been supplying casino operators for many years, their product portfolio consists of a range of software and physical products which enable secure transactions in the casino’s. In the company’s eyes this aids operators to streamline credit and debit card processing, helps protect against money-laundering threats, and includes their showcase innovative 3-in-1 Rollover technology. The latter gives patrons access to their funds via cash dispensing ATM transactions, POS Debit cash advances, or credit card cash advances.

Casumo CasinoTheir presence in the market is huge and not just confined to Vegas, they hold more than 300 licenses and serve over 1000 casinos worldwide. During the year of the merger transactions through Everis’ portals came to 85 million individual processes totalling nearly $22 Billion dollars. The only thing lacking from their range, which was solved during the company combination and relaunch, was the lack of their own slot machine games.

Multimedia Games provided the perfect solution to this quandary, it’s ironic actually that the company was put up for sale in 2010 but couldn’t find a buyer such was the industry slump at the time. As a result they removed themselves from the market and focused on growing the company’s product range and quality of offering with a number of unique approaches. From just 2-3000 slot machines out there in the market, they grew to a placement of more than 20000 in a very short space of time.

A key to this growth was the companies ‘TournEvent’ system, a bank of machines where players can compete against each other in a slots tournament which is personalised to them. This system has flourished and the company now have a yearly grand tournament which recently broke the Guinness World Record for largest slot tournament!

Based in Austin, Texas, Everi’s combinination of these two brands and their use of the local technology and design infrastructure has allowed them to go from strength to strength. Two of their most popular bespoke games, Yardbirds and Anthony & Cleopatra are now available at almost all of the most reputable casinos. A venture into branded games, putting them up there with the bigger manufacturers, is on the cards, with the Penn & Teller slot game due to be unveiled at G2E 2016.

Overall the future seems bright for a company with a talented creative team and sound business mind which has already proven it can provide quality games which the public enjoy and professional technology solutions which the industry appreciates. They don’t have an online gaming presence as of yet, but, given their growth and dynamic vibe, it will surely be on the cards for the future.

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