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SampleTank 2 for iOS is a professional quality fully featured mobile sound and groove workstation that brings the sound, power and features of desktop virtual instruments to your iPad and iPhone — without compromise. It is designed for live performance and song composition anywhere, any time and puts a com prehensive array of world-class instruments, sounds and patterns to play and make music of any type at your fingertips. And, SampleTank 2 for iOS is 64-bit compatible with the latest iPads and iPhones - and 32-bit* compatible with many legacy iOS devices.

SampleTank 2 gives you 8 multitimbral instrument slots that you can layer, create splits and layers with ease, and choose from a comprehensive expandable sound collection that covers virtually every acoustic, electric and electronic sound you need. Plus, each instrument category includes instrument riffs and grooves so you can start composing and playing live immediately.

Its instruments and new sound engine derived from the flagship SampleTank for desktop computers give you unmatched realism, sound variety and audio performance. For the first time on iOS, thousands of professional sample-based sounds and patterns can be easily accessed, layered and used for playing live. Now you can make music anytime and anywhere the inspiration hits you — desktop sound and performance in your pocket or on your iPad.

SampleTank 2 comes with over 140 instruments and 1, 000 patterns including pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, drums, basses, guitars, strings, brass, woodwinds, voices, ethnic instruments, percussion and sound FX.

What’s more, three new signature instrument collections have been added to the ever growing expansion library available via in-app purchase:

• Power Up — From minimal and punchy to fast and crunchy beats and hits in the style of Hip-Hop, Trap, Breaks and Electro Funk. Comes with 20 kits and 20 midi patterns.

• NRG — EDM killer beats, energy building risers and rushes, euphoric stabs and ultra-punchy drums. 8 construction kits, 12 drum kits and 20 midi patterns.

• Elektronica Trance — Euphoric synth leads, blissed-out pads, blistering basslines, pumping kick-only loops and a prime spread of massive FX. Features 30 loop instruments for a huge range of expression.

In addition to these three new collections, you can also add in these signature instrument collections for the ultimate mobile composition and sound workstation:
Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Orchestral Percussion, Cinematic Percussion, Alan Parsons Grand Piano, Future Synths, Elektronika - Deep House and more!

This brings the total universe of SampleTank 2 for iOS sounds to over 1, 900 instruments and over 1, 200 MIDI patterns — the largest collection of sounds available for any virtual instrument for iOS.

• 8-part multitimbral professional quality sound and groove module
• Expandable sound library with 1900+ instruments
• Over 1, 000 melodic and rhythmic patterns
• 8-track MIDI recorder with audio export
• Totally redesigned intuitive interface
• New sound engine derived from SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC
• Zones feature lets you easily create splits & layers on your controller
• Song and Live environments for composing and playing
• Built-in insert effects and master reverb
• MIDI learn feature makes programming external controllers easy
• Plug-and-play compatibility with iRig interfaces and controllers
• Polyphony: up to 64 voices on new Apple devices
• Compatible with iPad and iPhone with iOS 8 and later

*SampleTank 2 for iOS remains compatible with older iOS devices, offering the 8-part and Live mode features (excluding the iPhone 4S which retains 4 instrument part features).
iPad 4, iPad Mini2, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 6th gen and later are compatible with the newer instrument libraries. …

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