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Communication and Multimedia Design

The multimedia design programme is built on four core areas: Design and visualisation, interaction development, communication and presentation and the business. You are provided with input for designing web portals, mobile services, digital communication and games in addition to digital video, 3D and frontend programming.

During your studies you are in close contact with businesses when creating projects in cooperation with a specific company or organisation. During the studies you join an internship at a company in order to mobilize your competencies in practice. We cooperate with a large number of businesses from agencies to companies and cultural organisations.

1st semester:
Design and visualisation (10 ECTS)
Interaction development (10 ECTS)
Communication and presentation (5 ECTS)
The Business (5 ECTS)

2nd semester:
Design and visualisation (10 ECTS)
Interaction development (5 ECTS) Communication and presentation (10 ECTS) The Business (5 ECTS)

3rd semester:
Design and visualisation (5 ECTS)
Interaction development (10 ECTS) Communication and presentation (5 ECTS) Elective (10 ECTS)

4th semester:
Internship (15 ECTS)
Final exam project (15 ECTS)

Design and visualisation Concept development/responsive design/photo editing/user interface design/design analysis/visual identity/aesthetics/video and audio/3D/animation

Interaction development 
Frontend programming and frameworks/scripting/dynamic content/ database design /HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript / SQL

Communication and presentation 
Digital communication/ market analysis/ UX/net journalism/ communication analysis/media sociology/target group analysis/communication planning

The Business Project management/digital marketing /corporate identity/strategy development/net trade/m- and e- trade/budgets/copyright law/technology and society/innovation

 In addition to the mandatory areas you get the opportunity to choose an elective course where you can specialise, for example, in casual games, 3D or video. New elective subjects will be developed on an ongoing basis with regard to relevance and demand.

Internship You enter into a ten-week internship in a business either in Denmark or abroad. KEA has an internship coordinator for all students to help you with the practical questions regarding the internship.

Final exam project For the final exam project you create a digital product and write a paper within the programme curriculum.

1st semester
Portfolio evaluation. Internal evaluation

2nd semester
Report and digital product. Cross-disciplinary, oral, external project exam

3rd semester
Internal examination for mandatory element and elective.

4th semester
The Internship exam is an internal exam and the final project exam is external. Marks are given as a joint mark according to the Danish grading system (the seven-point scale).

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