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Bachelor of Multimedia Design

Our multimedia design program provides an intensive background in design and offers specialized classes in digital media, motion graphics, animation and film. We also offer a wide range of elective classes.

Our graduates are currently working in broadcasting, web and interactive design, filmmaking and animation. Some of them are even working as in-house production professionals in industries around the region.

Graduates from our program are equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work:

  • in design companies as creative designers of logos, corporate identity, information graphics, interactive graphics and web design
  • in creative departments of advertising companies as visualizer/multimedia designers of advertisements, corporate identity, promotions and time-based graphic presentations
  • in in-house design departments of the government or the public sector as multimedia graphic designers, art directors, design coordinators, web designers, and publicity and promotion designers of company communications, information graphics and corporate identity
  • as freelance designers for individuals or organizations requiring specialist design solutions, and image and concept generation
  • in broadcast-related industries as program developers, pre-production consultants, visualizers, production crew, assistant directors and post production editors

Our graduates should also have a working knowledge of filmmaking, interactive graphics, web design, animation, image making, photography and illustration. These are also potential areas of concentration for the degree program. Our students leave the program with a detailed portfolio of their work that demonstrates their particular skills and knowledge related to multimedia design.

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