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You certainly don't need to be a web design wizard to create a decent looking portfolio site these days. There are a number of handy WordPress tutorials and elegantly designed portfolio WordPress themes out there to get you started on showcasing your work the best way possible.

Here we've picked 21 of the best WordPress portfolio themes around. Let us know how you get on with them!

Assemble's Masonry-style layout

Keep your options open with Assemble, a theme that gives you a choice of 18 homepage layouts for your portfolio. Once you've picked the general style of layout for your images, it can be customised down to the finest detail including hover types, spacing and slider style.

Get your Behance portfolio on your own site in a matter of minutes

If you've already published your work on Behance and want your own portfolio site as well, this theme enables you to import everything to your WordPress site using the BeDojo plugin. It also works as a normal theme - you don't have to have a Behance portfolio.

Using video to draw the viewer in

Opening with an impactful video is a good way to capture the viewer's attention, and this video portfolio template lets you do just that. It's set up so that the demo content is automatically installed so you can use it as a base for your own site.

Stag lets you build minimal sites with sophisticated features

If you can't decide whether you want something minimal or versatile for your portfolio site, Stag gives you the best of both worlds. It's powered by Visual Composer, making it simple to build great-looking pages, but if you want features such as parallax backgrounds and animated content they're easy to implement.

Vong is a CSS3-powered theme suitable for freelancers and agencies

Responsive, retina-ready and intuitive, Vong is a modern minimalist portfolio theme suitable for both freelancers and agencies. Powered by CSS3, it features three portfolio sizes and a fully responsive lightbox, as well as WooCommerce support and it'll even let you use HTML5 video as a page header background.

Flights is a visually rich theme with plenty of options

Built to meet the needs of creative photographers and illustrators, Flights is an elegant and responsive WordPress portfolio theme with a focus on imagery and colours, with four portfolio page templates and plenty of filtering, animation and scrolling options.

If you need a fast and customisable mobile first theme, check out Alpha

For a responsive mobile first theme that's highly customisable and blazing fast, look no further than Alpha. It comes with an attention-grabbing, custom-built portfolio slider that works well with both scroll and touch interaction, it uses AJAX to load portfolio projects with impressive effects, and its drag-and-drop composer means you can quickly build great-looking pages.

Hind is crammed with options and has its own support team to help you out

If you want to get your portfolio site up and running in minutes but don't want to compromise on choice, then take a look at Hind. It comes with 14 read-made homepages and over 20 header styles, 11 pre-made sliders, plus an assortment of layout variations and animations and much more besides. And if you run into difficulties, there's a dedicated support team to help you out.

BigBang makes it easy to control the appearance of your responsive site

The BigBang WordPress theme offers a very original editing system, working with various shaped preview thumbnails and a clean and clear layout, enabling you to control the appearance, columns, font and size easily. A great way to create a responsive WordPress portfolio site to showcase your work.

Nemesis Clean Design does exactly what it says on the tin

This portfolio WordPress theme is specifically aimed at designers and creatives looking to expose their work. Nemesis Clean Design has a multi-functional layout that allows multiple page editing and run across the whole digital platform, allowing you to view it on iPhone/iPad devices without any modifications.

Media Book gives your imagery a luxurious feel

Media Book offers a perfect and refreshing WordPress theme that would work particularly well with photography and very visual imagery, giving you a professional and luxurious feel to your work.

Hipster is so laid back, it's laid out

As the name suggests, Hipster offers a modern and relaxed alternative to an overformal portfolio site, with multi-functional pages that will allow viewers to engage and interact with the content - perfect for studios and collectives. Its many editing features allow you to personalise the content to best suit the nature of your work, again viewable on a range of different digital platforms.

Rythm combines a clean layout with plenty of social options

The perfect creative portfolio WordPress theme made social networking friendly. A clean layout ideal for illustrators and visual designers to slideshow their work giving them good exposure, with a more interactive platform.

Let your work do the talking with this simple black and white theme

MiniPress offers a simple but classy black and white layout to give your work a glossy finish. This theme is functional on many platforms and easily accessible.

Pen & Paper offers a refined and traditional look but with modern touches

Pen & Paper offers a more classical and refined layout for your WordPress portfolio, with a more traditional look, yet interactive and user friendly, adapting to a modern context.

SimplyInfinte is smooth and clean with flexible editing options

The SimplyInfinite WordPress theme offers a very smooth and clean layout, giving flexible editing options as well as pages to spread out and distribute your content within.

Rhea is a clean and structured layout for illustrators and artists

Rhea is another great clean and structured layout, perfect for illustrators and visual artists. This WordPress theme is fast and smooth, allowing your work to be put forward in a user-friendly fashion.

Retro lets you build web pages like you used to get in the 1950s

This WordPress theme offers an alternative design for your portfolio site, with a retro inspired layout, easy editing options and multiple page facilities, with built in options including contact forms and Nivo sliders.

Incorn boasts plenty of image, audio and video features

WordPress portfolio themes - Stag WordPress portfolio themes - Vong WordPress portfolio themes - Flights WordPress portfolio themes - Alpha

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