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Multimedia Marketing

the brain process visual information 60, 000 times fasterMost of the time multimedia content passes us by like dust in the wind. But there are a couple times a day when we stumble upon a must watch video on YouTube like “Great White Shark Surfing, ” or some awkwardly “wrong” video with Louis CK. Maybe, for the enlightened ones, a good educational video.

As marketers, we tend to notice quality business-oriented multimedia content when it’s time for us to try and tell our company’s story. Instinctively, we already know that creating a multimedia news release will have a greater impact than a simple traditional text press release.

But how do we create a plan in order to ensure that our multimedia news release campaigns are successful?

But just in case you doubted your gut, here’s some data to let you know that your media relations efforts are not in vain when we integrate excellent photos, infographics and video in to our multimedia marketing content (data provided by “The Power of Visual Storytelling” by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio):

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76% of content shared on twitter had a photoHave a Plan (and an Outcome in Mind)

Your ultimate objective is to get people to read your content. So when you initiate media relations’ efforts, it’s critical to have a multimedia content marketing strategy that produces great content and gets in the right hands.

Write out what your objectives are for your article and how you are going to determine if it’s going to be successful. Possible metrics include:

Number of media outlets who will place your article or blog post Number of views Social shares or likes Video plays (if applicable)

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Lets’ Get to Work (Producing Great Content is Easier Said Than Done)

When we see it, we know it’s great, but for some of us, myself included, creativity doesn’t always come easily. So, here are a couple rules to ask yourself when you are creating a story:

Is your article entertaining or educational?

Far to often, writers forget why people read. We can be so self absorbed to think that someone actually is interested in our new cereal box color, or that our company has hired a new CMO. Yawn.150% increase in engagement in facebook post with photos Well, if we can remember that everyone is self centered, then we can consider, “what will want to make someone read this article?” Our stories need to either make someone laugh, cry, get angry, think or learn something new.

Would you want read it?

Generating quality content with awesome multimedia is tough. And it’s easy as marketers to “check the box” and not push the envelopes. My first tip, for bosses, is always reject the first draft. People can always dig further. For all you writers out there, dig deep in to your personality and create your own voice. Don’t try to be all things to all people; you’ll end up being nothing to no one. If you are funny, be funny. If you bring passion, then bring it. And after you’ve created your masterpiece, ask yourself, do you like it?

Will the title grab the readers?

We are all familiar with the cliché, “don’t judge a book by its cover, ” yet we do. And the “cover” for your article and content is your title. If they aren’t intrigued or there is no spark, they may not even get to your article. This is another reason why your multimedia content is so important. Often users will see a photo or frame of a video and that will initiate interest.

Is you multimedia content unique?

Listen, any multimedia content is better than none. But, if you think that your article is going to take off with the use of stock photography or a bland chart, think again. Create original infographics on Piktochart, snap your own photos (you’ve seen the iphone6 ads, right?) or even a rustic, natural video can be compelling.

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