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Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902

Not sure what happened to the product page, but this review is for the LENOVO N5902.

As you may know, the upgrades from the n5901 are as follows: Backlit keyboard, matte finish, scroll bar, and the trackball was replaced with an OFN (optical finger navigation). If you've ever used a blackberry then you know what the OFN is like. There is a bonus advantage with an ofn instead of trackball, and that is the ofn pad can be pressed to function just like the left click. So when you're navigating with the ofn, your thumb can just click to select, no need to double click with the left mouse button.

Well do I like it? Yes, very much. However, I do believe the folks at Lenovo tests these devices out on computer screens, and not real HDTV 50+ inch screens. If they did, they would know that it's a bit of work to move the pointer around on a 52 inch screen. I noticed that I was much smoother and precise moving the pointer around on my 15" notebook, but required a little more concentration and work with my living room 52" lcd. But I'm guessing it may be like this for these types of gadgets no matter what brand you choose to buy. You can go to your control panel under hardware and sounds and adjust your PC's mouse settings, the lenovo will respond to your pc's setting. I moved the cursor speed all the way to FAST and it helped a lot!

This is also very useful if you like using your notebook in bed in a lying down position. Sometimes you have to reposition yourself whenever you need to type something. With this remote, you don't have to move an inch. Laziness taken to whole new level. I like watching tv on my notebook in the dark while my wife is asleep, so the backlit helps the typing and I don't have to fidget around to type on the real keyboard. I recently bought the logitech m570 trackball to help stop the fidgeting in bed, but now with the ability to type also, I'll be using this lenovo in bed and use the Logitech trackball for when I have to do major typing.

One thing to note is that you're not really "typing" with the n5902, you're "texting" just like on a cellphone. Don't buy this if want to write essays, buy this because you have a HTPC or you like to plug your notebook to your bigscreen and need a remote.

Using the backlit took some time to get used to. There is a switch in the back to slide to either OFF, BACKLIT, or ON. Sliding it to backlit or on means the same thing. Except if you have it on backlit, whenever you type, the board lights up. This was a problem at first because in the dark, I'm punching random keys just to get the backlit to come on, then I had to delete whatever it was that I typed. Or if you don't do anything quick enough, the light turns off again. I guess this was to preserve battery. Well that's just me rushing into things. Because there is a backlit key on the keyboard to the left of the center space bar. All you have to do in the dark is feel for the center space bar and move your thumb to the left and punch the backlit key. It will still turn off quickly if you're not ready to type anything. But this is much better than punching random keys like the caps button, or having to delete spaces, or the random letter you punched.

PS3 fans should know that this thing is compatible. I plugged in the usb and was able to move around and send messages.

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