SAB 2.4 Ghz Mini Multimedia

Mini Multimedia Keyboard

SIIG brings to market a wide selection of IT adapter products used to upgrade and expand the connectivity of desktop and notebook systems. SIIG continues to support those Fortune 1000 companies requiring customized PC systems having expanded connectivity to connect with their legacy peripherals. SIIG sells to the point-of-sale vertical markets including retail, financial, transportation and others.
Companies including Home Depot, Federal Express, JC Penny’s, Citibank, and others have qualified and chosen SIIG legacy adapters in their customized system builds due to SIIG’sreputation in manufacturing high-quality connectivity products. We have strong project management experience in successfully supporting large-scale integration builds, eliminating revision change surprises through strict BOM control, and ensuring supply availability through collaborative forecasting to eliminate project delays.

SIIG carries a wide assortment of legacy adapters for PC systems including PCI- and PCIe-based adapters. Our core product categories are comprised of legacy I/O, USB, and Firewire adapters for desktops, and Expresscard and PC card adapters for notebook systems. Adapters expanding a desktop’s connectivity include serial PCI adapters, parallel PCI adapters, Firewire 800 PCI adapters, and Firewire 400 PCI adapters, USB PCI, and more. These adapters are available in both full profile and low profile sizes.

For desktop storage connectivity we have a wide assortment of SATA PCI, and eSATA PCI adapters. For notebooks our more popular products include expresscard adapters, specifically, firewire expresscard, SATA expresscard, and serial expresscard adapters.

Leveraging our core strength in connectivity products, SIIG carries a complete selection of A/V connectivity products. When designing digital signage networks you will find SIIG carries a broad line of A/V connectivity products enabling you to carry, extend, split, or multiply HDMI and VGA signal transmissions; simply and cost-effectively.

With a complete assortment of A/V connectivity products, our product line includes HDMI matrix and VGA matrix switchers, HDMI extender and DVI extender solutions, HDMI splitters, HDMI amplifier and VGA amplifier solutions, and more. In addition to SIIG’score signal distribution products we offer a complete selection of cables and adapters enabling flexible A/V choices. Cable adapters and converters include DVI to HDMI and VGA to DVI converters, USB to VGA converter solutions, and standard DVI and HDMI adapter types. SIIG’saudio visual cables include standard- and premium-level HDMI to HDMI, DVI to HDMI cable solutions, and flat HDMI cable types.

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