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It is compulsory for all international students who study in Malaysia to obtain approval of Student Pass and Visa. Without Visa Approval Letter (VAL), International Students are not allowed to enter Malaysia. The application must be made through Multimedia University.

More information about entering Malaysia?

Documents Required for Application of Student Pass International students who have been accepted to study at Multimedia University (MMU) are required to apply for a Student Pass.

Checking Status of Student Pass Application Obtaining Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from Immigration Department
The processing time for the Student Pass is around 6 to 8 weeks. Students can check the status of the application at EMGS

by sending an email to : (Cyberjaya Campus) (Melaka Campus).
In all correspondences, students must state their full name and MMU ID number (as stated on the top right hand corner of the offer letter).

Note :
Multimedia University will not be liable in the delay of getting the Visa Approval Letter OR if the application for Student Pass is rejected by the Immigration Department of Malaysia for any reasons

Once application has been approved, the Immigration Department of Malaysia will issue a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to the students concerned. The university will notify students once approval has been received. Students must provide complete address and contact number if they wish to receive the original VAL.

Applying for an Entry Visa

Students who have been granted the visa approval letter must apply for an entry visa from the nearest Malaysian Embassy or Malaysian Consulate Office in their country before traveling to Malaysia. Without an entry visa, you will not be allowed to enter Malaysia.

Immunization Certificate

Students from South America and Africa are required to possess a valid Immunization Certificate for Yellow Fever not less than ten (10) days before they enter Malaysia. Students will not be allowed to enter Malaysia without the valid immunization certificate.

Changes in Arrival Details

Cyberjaya Campus : Mobile : +0 / Office : +603 8312 5960 / 5275 (during office hours).
Melaka Campus : Mobile : +70 / Office : +606 252 3196 / 3738 / 4015 (during office hours).

Confirm Accommodation Arrangement

You must confirm your accommodation arrangement before traveling to Malaysia. Otherwise, you may have to stay at the nearest hotel while looking for an accommodation. You are required to liaise with the accommodation provider to confirm your arrangement.

Immigration Clearance

Upon arrival, please proceed to Immigration counter for clearance. Do not wait at student waiting area. The copy of Visa Approval Letter and MMU Offer Letter must be hand carried to be presented to the Immigration Officer at the immigration check point. (Please prepare additional copy of each document for Immigration reference)

Duration of Stay Permitted By Immigration Authorities

You must take note of the entry date and the permitted duration of stay which are stamped in your passports by an Immigration officer.

Meeting Point with MMU Officer :

MMU Officer will meet you at the Arrival Hall. Please call the following numbers should you face any difficulties during the Immigration clearance or if you are not able to find MMU officer.
Cyberjaya Campus: Mobile : +0 / Office : +603 8312 5960 / 5275 (during office hours).Melaka Campus: Mobile : +70 / Office : +606 252 3196 / 3738 / 4015 (during office hours).

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