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Multimedia video Production

With a bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Video Production Technology, you can pursue a career in a variety of areas including commercial video and digital film production, video editing, digital effects, 3D graphic animation or digital cinematography.

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Program Prerequisites

Qualified applicants to this program must have completed an A.S. degree in Digital Media Technology (Multimedia or Interactive Media Production track) at Santa Fe College or an A.S. degree in a similar program (video, television or multimedia production) at a regionally accredited college or university.

Classes Offered

Advanced Advertising Graphics
This course teaches advanced creative direction theory and execution. The course will build professional level projects in the diverging field of commercial and advertising multimedia production for the web and television.

Digital Cinema – Short Film ProjectThis course will focus on a dynamic and instructor approved short film-projects, music video, commercial campaign, corporate/training video or documentary

History of Digital Media
This course examines the historical development of design styles and the techniques and their influences on contemporary culture.

Digital Effects
This course explores various techniques to create and implement CGI into live action. Specific animation features and functions of the given software are discussed and applied to the production of short 3D animation projects.

New Media Production and Planning
This course focuses on project management in new media from concept to completion. New media team projects and multitasking will be utilized to gain full potential of industry environments.

Photographic Lighting Techniques
Students will learn about advanced lighting techniques in both the studio and on location with projects in the editorial, advertising, video or graphic design genres.

Thesis ProjectStudents will execute cumulative skills to produce a significant, professional-quality digital film, commercial campaign, industrial-educational film or documentary. Projects will be completed individually or in groups depending on the needs of the course determined by the instructor.

Business Management and Producing Techniques
The course will examine the trends in small business development related to the video production and multimedia field and how to manage production projects as a small independent company. The course will focus not only on the business aspects of production but also basic legal issues related to the commercial video, television and film production field.

This internship course provides students with the opportunity to work for or under various public, private or non-profit/NGOs to develop professional skills in the multimedia and video field. Students can choose to work directly in a field that provides mentorship for specific multimedia/video related skills or for non-profit, public or private entities that need digital media or digital communication support.

Advanced Digital Cinematography
The course examines both traditional and digital cinematography techniques in the context of video production and digital cinematography for independent narrative film, television and commercial production. Students will demonstrate advanced skill in the creation of video using accepted techniques and skill in cinematography with an emphasis on format, lenses, lighting, exposure control and safety.

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