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MP3 Multimedia Player Price

Bottom Line: The Apple iPod touch is the best media player there is if you don't want a cellular connection.

Bottom Line: The Apple iPod touch gets a price drop and feature upgrade, making it an even more compelling gateway into the world of iOS apps than ever before.

Bottom Line: The leading do-it-all media player offers a compelling combination of features and price at $229, as long as you're OK with 16GB of storage.

Bottom Line: Audiophiles with the means should take a close look at the Iriver Astell & Kern AK100, a high-end media player that delivers exceptional sound quality with the right music files, but it comes with plenty of compromises.

Bottom Line: The Sony E Series Walkman NWZ-E474 sounds good out of the box and is easy to use, but there's not much here that stands out otherwise.

Bottom Line: Apple's beautifully redesigned iPod touch is still the leading do-it-all MP3 player, but the new $300 entry-level price might make it a tough sell.

Bottom Line: Apple puts the iPod nano back on track with its latest version, which sports a sweet new design, a larger touch screen, video playback capabilities, and more.

Bottom Line: A viable Apple iPod touch alternative, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is a great way to run Android apps without buying a smartphone.

Bottom Line: A budget smartphone without the phone, this low-cost media player should appeal to casual gamers and music listeners.

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