Dell Zylux A525 multimedia

Zylux Multimedia Computer Speakers System

Zylux starts with the correct integration of all components within computer
systems, including properly placed and tuned loudspeakers. Our industrial
designers work hand-in-hand with our audio engineers to ensure the
sound and size of the speakers meet your exacting standards. Systems
specialists ensure the correct porting and proper placement of electronics
to achieve the most balanced frequency response and truest sonic accuracy.

Zylux ODM solutions for multimedia undergo strict minimal defect tests.
Systems are properly shielded and have low emissions so there is no
external interference with other devices. The employment of stable
circuitry ensures that there are no EMI/RFI issues.

Another area where Zylux offers a competitive advantage is in its extensive
knowledge in the science of plastic mould making for enclosures in
externally or internally placed loudspeakers.

Our long-term relationship with the world’s leading computer makers
gives us the edge in integrating audio solutions in system design. Our
design team will also work to make sure you not only have the best
sounding speakers, but also the best looking ones. Increasingly, PCs are
becoming more of a designer and consumer statement than simply a
business or office tool. The speaker’s design must echo that lifestyle look.

To cap it all, your total package will be delivered on a rapid production platform
– from concept to end product. In today’s internet-speed world, you will find
Zylux’s operations are geared with equal velocity.

This is how Zylux is working to become the leading contender for any multimedia

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