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The 3D compatible Blu-ray player for the wireless age.
Introducing the Pioneer® BDP-150

Every home theater experience starts with the source. The affordable new, wireless ready Pioneer BDP-150 is designed to give you uncompromised audio and video content, regardless of where it’s coming from.

The BDP-150 supports the latest high-quality formats including DTS-HD® Master Audio, Dolby® TrueHD, and Super Audio CD®. It also converts standard definition video sources for 1080p resolution displays for optimum image processing that delivers clear, sharp images with reduced noise.

The real experience is in 3D

3D takes a beautifully mastered audio and visual image then surrounds you in emotion, story, and adventure. The BDP-150 offers pristine 1080p picture as well as 3D video output with the latest HDMI® spec, allowing for passage of the high data transfer rate required by the Blu-ray 3D format. True to Pioneer’s history and passion for audio, the BDP-150’s Pioneer-exclusive technologies also improve the audio experience, a critical component to completing a fully immersive 3D experience.

Internet Streaming from Popular Video Content Sites

You’re not limited to your movie collection for home entertainment. In fact, you’re not limited at all. Connecting the BDP-150 via Ethernet cable or optional wireless dongle connects you to a world of entertainment. In an instant, you’ll be streaming Internet audio and video content from the most popular sites like YouTube®, Netflix® and Pandora®. You can access all the content on your Picasa account so you can view it with a roomful of people. Plus the BDP-150 lets you take full advantage of YouTube Lean Back Video Streaming, prioritizing high-definition content and interface directly from your remote.

DLNA™ 1.5 Compatibility

Thanks to the BDP-150’s compatibility with DLNA servers and remotes, you’re able to liberate all the DLNA supported content from your Android phone, PC and Macs running DLNA servers, bringing it into your home theater in a standardized form where it’s enhanced so you experience it the way it was intended.

It even tells your receiver to make it all better

Thanks to Pioneer’s Sound Retriever Link / Stream Smoother link, compressed audio and video are enhanced. The BDP-150 sends a signal to compatible Pioneer receivers telling them to activate this feature to upgrade playback quality. So whether it’s coming from your network, a USB connection or an attached hard drive, with optimum audio and video enhancement it won’t feel like it.

Ready when you are with Wake-up on LAN

With Wake-up on LAN capability, the BDP-150 is always ready to accept commands over your Wi-Fi network. Which means you can turn it on and off using your iPhone®, iPad® or 3rd® party home automation system.

Faster Disc Loading

Pioneer understands that you want your movie when you want it. That’s why the BDP-150 powers on, loads discs and ejects them in a fraction of the time of earlier Blu-ray Disc players.

Wireless Ready with AS-WL300 (sold separately)

Access streaming services, and over-the-air firmware updates with auto-notification. The BDP-150 lets you connect to your home network wirelessly using the AS-WL300 Wireless Adapter (sold separately).

The picture isn’t the only thing that’s beautiful.

Before you see the picture you’ll see the player. The classic brushed aluminum look of the BDP-150 is a bit of foreshadowing for the caliber of audio and video you’re about to experience.

Pioneer ControlApp

Using Pioneer's ControlApp with your networked Blu-ray Disc Player allows you to streamline basic control functions, such as Play, Stop, Forward and Reverse. Click here for more info!

The ultimate home theater experience starts at the source. And when that source is the Pioneer BDP-150, you can be sure you won’t find a more immersive video and audio experience in the category.

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