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The Samsung P400 projector.The term implies flexibility. In the early days, the first projectors were video signal only, no ability to work with, say, a computer input. There have even been a few specialty projectors, I believe, that have only been PC projectors without a video. There are projectors that dont have video but just computer – just for data

Today’s multimedia projectors start entry level with SVGA resolution projectors from under $500, and move up into models with resolutions all the way up to 1080p and WUXGA+ (1920×1200).

From a compatibility standpoint, most offer HDMI or DVI inputs, as well as all the older favorites and standards including VGA and composite and S-videos. Even the pico projectors, which are all multimedia, are starting to sport HDMI. Almost all that are for business and education have a built in speaker or two.

Multimedia projector is a broad term to describe how versatile most projectors these days have become.Most multimedia projectors have 5-8 different inputs. Many models now offer wired, wireless, or both types of networking, and some can even present from content passed along the network.

Some with wireless networking can even switch between many different computers (laptops) in the room! Talk about versatility.

A new feature of streaming data off the internet has allowed for its own category in the world of multimedia projectors. We are starting to see projectors that don’t need computers or blu-ray players, but that can stream directly from intenet!

An interesting example is LG’s HW300T mini projector, which is not only small in size but boasts that capability. Set it down on a table and, if you’ve got Wi-Fi, it can stream!

Even in the low cost pico category, every projector must be considered multimedia because they support all at least one video format, most support computers, and some even have a multimedia player that lets you do presentation from .jpg images… So today’s projectors feature both video AND stills combined? You have to call that multimedia.

To give you an example of how much things have changed over the years, let’s examine the evolution of multimedia projectors:

Above is Proxima’s original multimedia portable projector, the DP2800, which surfaced in 1994. The DP2800 weighed 19 lbs., offered 110 lumens, was VGA resolution, and cost approximately $5000.

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