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IK Multimedia ARC System 2 Review

I wanted to share my thoughts on IK multimedia's ARC and room correction systems in general since every thread about the subject seems to turn into a "room EQ vs acoustic treatment" argument.

Let's just get this thing out of the way first;
Is the ARC system a suitable replacement for acoustic treatment? = No.
I think everybody knows that by know. Yes, room correction software/hardware can help you with a few peaks and nulls but it does not stop first reflections and it does nothing to dampen reverberation.

That said I can tell you my result with the ARC system.
I bought the ARC system a short while after I got my new monitors (Adam A7x's). My previous monitors were way smaller so I hadn't really realized the world of low frequency problems I was about to enter. To be short; There was no way to get the bass right in my room. I had a few panels up already but mostly just to capture first reflections. The room was pretty small and after reading a ton of articles on room modes and acoustics I came to realize that attacking the problem by building more panels and bass traps would surely make me bankrupt and would still probably not get my room to a near flat response. You could probably argue that I would have been better off with Adam A5x but I had the money and wanted to get monitors that would last me a while without needing to shell out for a sub.
I deiced to give the ARC system a go after reading a few things about it online.

As you can see there were loads of problems. The ARC system did it's best to tackle them (without the "full range bass correction the response was much more flat). I was amazed! I could finally mix and my mixes sounded good and transferred pretty well. Before it had been hard do distinguish notes from any bass instrument but now I could hear things way more clearly.

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