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GoAnimate for Schools is used by hundreds of thousands of students, in thousands of schools, on 6 continents.

Flip Your Classroom By Sending Home Videos

In a flipped classroom, students learn through online instruction outside of class; “homework” is done in the classroom. Students are much more likely to watch or create a video at home than they are to read a textbook or write a paper.

Introduce Topics and Lessons

Teach new and difficult topics with video. Use animation to simplify complex ideas. Illustrate word problems.

Create Presentations

Use video at open houses, back-to-school nights, assemblies, staff meetings, and other events.

Create Reports and Stories

Have students make reports, presentations, and stories with video, helping them convey their creativity and perspectives without physically placing them in front of peers.

Check for Understanding

Teachers can “check for understanding” with video assignments.

Engage Special Needs Students

Students on the Autism spectrum find animated videos to be a great way to communicate and share their feelings.

Practice Language Skills

Practice grammar, spelling, foreign languages, and sentence structure with our text-to-speech technology. Great for language learners!

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