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Information Technology major in Multimedia

The BSIT program provides the necessary basic technical and creative skills for those who are planning to enter the rapidly developing feld of visual
communication. The program prepares students to enter the multimedia design field as entry level 2D and 3D animators, graphic designers, content developers, web page developers, game designers, and computer programmers. At the end of the second year in this program, students will receive a certifcate in Associate in Multimedia and Web Development. In addition, a certifcate in Computer Animation will also be given to them after completing third year. Finally, they will receive a diploma in BS Information Technology after passing all the subjects required for the program.

Interesting employment opportunities for the students include the following:
•  design and illustration of brochures,  corporate identity program, and product packaging
•  design of electronic magazines and books
•  design of interactive marketing presentations
•  development of interactive learning products
•  design of interactive games
•  information management for multimedia databases and presentations
•  development of web sites
•  production of promotional, documentary and music videos

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