Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System Silver

About Bose

Ever since Bose was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, the company has shown great dedication to research and excellence. Bose engineers have focused on creating better technology and better sound ever since. The Bose® Companion 20 multimedia speaker system is a fine example of such focus.

About The Product

The Companion 20 multimedia speaker system is Bose’s best two-piece computer speaker system. Hear spectacularly improved sound performance from in front of your computer or on the other side of the room.

Bose-own technology and an advanced port design bring your music, videos and games to life with outstanding clarity and impressive bass notes at any listening level. And, surprisingly, all that rich, life-like audio comes from only two speakers - with no bass module required. Get more from your computer content with full Bose sound. All it takes is a few easy connections.

Two speakers. Impressive sound.

The low-note performance that gives your games, videos and music that life-like depth comes courtesy of the Companion 20 multimedia speaker system’s sophisticated port design and impressive drivers. Don’t bother searching for a subwoofer, you won’t find one. Yes, that room-filling sound is created by those two slim-line speakers.

The sleek control pod isn’t only pretty to look at, it also offers pivoting one-touch mute functionality and volume control. There are also handy dual inputs so that you can add a second audio source, such as a tablet or iPod, and headphones. Now you can have Bose sound, right from your desktop.


Designed to get the best audio performance from your computer, Bose-own TrueSpace® stereo digital processing circuitry delivers a wide two-channel soundstage. The all-round control pod offers a single-touch mute button, rotational volume control, and a headphone jack and connection for a second sound source. Bose’s advanced port design and driver create a powerful, life like low-note performance and rich room-filling sound. Dual inputs on the control pod allow you to attach your headphones and a second sound source, like a tablet or MP3 player. Bose-own integrated signal processing brings you a natural performance at practically all listening levels. The low, middle and high frequencies are balanced using active electronic equalisation technology for clear, authentic sound.

What's in the box
  • left speaker
  • right speaker
  • speaker cable
  • audio cable
  • power pack and cable
  • AC power cord

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